Ready to start your own online business? If yes. By following Mr. Munir Ahmad, you can begin your online journey. One of the best e-commerce experts.

It is important to learn how to get started before starting any online business. Setting up, launching, and maintaining the business properly is what you have to do.

Munir Ahmad is an entrepreneur who has years of experience in the e-commerce industry. An entrepreneur is someone who can think of getting ahead in any business and coming up with new ideas. Knows management and team-building skills.

Throughout his life, Munir Ahmed has learned a variety of skills. His interests in online business even led him to travel abroad. After gaining experience with various organizations, he returned to Pakistan (his country of origin). He invested in online businesses.

If you are new to e-commerce or already running an existing business, be sure to consult Munir Ahmad. He is always willing to help those who are interested in running an online business.

Reading this article will help you to know more about his professional career and how to get in contact with him. You need refined skills to become a trainer.

Experience and a firm grasp of your work are essential. See how he went from zero to hero in this article.

Introduction to Munir Ahmad Amazon FBA Expert

Munir Ahmad is an experienced e-commerce consultant, always working tirelessly to achieve his goals. He is the CEO of ABN Solutions aka E-commerce Planners.

His 16 years of experience in online business enables him to run a successful business. He not only invested in numerous online businesses but also helped hundreds of his clients.

As an active Amazon seller, he is providing Amazon FBA private label services. With his valuable experience and guidelines, he is the best at handling the Amazon FBA business.

If you are having any problems with your online business, it is best to follow Munir Ahmad’s guidelines.

Munir Ahmad is also working as an active trainer and public speaker. Through his live sessions, he taught me how to become a career professional. All those who are confused about their life and future career can benefit from his live sessions.

An Overview of Munir Ahmad’s Professional Career Journey

The journey of Munir Ahmad’s professional career started after qualifying for Bachelor in Commerce. In 2006, his first job was in Telenor as a Customer Relationship Officer (CRO) and he resigned in 2008.

He is now working in the e-commerce industry as an active Amazon FBA seller. Additionally, he provides services in addition to running an online store.

Talking about the best e-commerce experts in the industry, Munir Ahmad is one of them. He is a popular entrepreneur.

An online business manager who does not just concentrate on online business management. But also specializes in helping others by sharing the guidelines for future goal achievements.

He does not have the same field of expertise. From time to time, he made his career stronger by mastering all of the following.

  • Management of local and international online selling stores from scratch
  • Managing account for Amazon FBA PL business
  • Public Speaking
  • Marketing and Amazon training

Dubai Journey

In Dubai, he worked at a Software House rich in talented employees. It was the most rewarding experience he ever had. There he found many valuable opportunities to enhance his abilities.

Munir Ahmad has worked for a number of organizations in Dubai, including the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health, SOUQ.AE, Roads and Transport Authority Dubai, and others.

He has excellent knowledge of business development, account management, marketing, and more. He had a great time in Dubai. After learning many new strategies, he is now known as a successful entrepreneur.

The journey from Dubai to Pakistan

In 2015, he decided to move to Pakistan and start his own online business.

He has invested in many online selling platforms. These include,,,, and, among many others. Behind the story of leaving high- paying job in Dubai, his vision is to become a self-employed person.

In 2017, he created his own online portal with the name of He faced many challenges while developing, but he never gave up. Always faced challenges and worked to grow his business.

The challenges in his life are many at that time, but he remains positive.

In 2019, he joined the Investor Bootcamp by Sunny Ali. This period is going to be life-changing for him.

His current position is that of a lead trainer in Extreme Commerce Incubator.   As well as running his own business, he runs an e-commerce agency.

He has experience managing multiple international accounts for Amazon’s business. International accounts include the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

This is the journey of his professional life career.

Q.1 What is the best budget for starting a Micro Private Label on Amazon?

Ans: Many business owners consult Munir Ahmad and discuss what products they sell for MPL. And how much budget does it requires to start?

According to statistics, the budget may vary from product to product. It is not possible to finalize how much budget is required to start MPL.

Make an appointment for a free consultation if you're interested in learning how to scale your running e-commerce business. The goal of this session is to teach you how you can succeed in online sales by following the best practices.

Q.2 What are the steps I need to take to get started with Amazon Private Label Services?

Ans: It is imperative to be familiar with the costs of private label and the products selling. Determine your unique selling point, design a logo for your product, find suppliers, and build your brand.

Many people find starting an e-commerce business a daunting endeavor. The initiative cannot be successfully taken by them. As a result of their lack of knowledge, they become confused and unable to focus.

You don't have to worry if you're one of them and cannot create your e-commerce business. The supervision of Mr. Munir Ahmad will ensure a successful start to your journey.

Munir Ahmad began as a simple man, but he went on to become a successful eCommerce executive after focusing on his work and paying attention to detail. This is the path that people should follow if they want to be recognizable. When things go wrong, there's no reason to be demotivated. Keep working.

Throughout Munir Ahmad's life, it was like being on a roller coaster. Although he faced ups and downs, he never gave up, and now he has proven himself in his life by doing remarkable things. Every person can learn from his experiences.

As well as offering Amazon FBA Private Label Training, he also offers Hands-On Amazon FBA Training. You can also register for this course to learn about Amazon FBA PL.

So, start your e-commerce journey from start to end by following Munir Ahmad's strategies. It will be a great startup to grow your income. You need to put more effort into it if you want it to succeed. Learn how the entire system works before getting started with an online business.

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